Offering Counselling in Canvey Island, Essex

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Why therapy

"It works because it gives you time for you to become the real you”

Therapeutic counselling provides a safe space to explore personal and sometimes difficult painful feelings, thoughts and problems in a non-judgemental, accepting, understanding and confidential environmental. You will be heard and will never be told what to do.

If you want to come to counselling as you want an answer to a question, I will help you find the answers to your questions rather than give you the answer. These answers become clear when you establish which thoughts belong to you and which ones are injected at a young age from external influences.

When you see me, I will provide a safe environment where you can talk and feel about what’s in your mind without feel of judgement. I will not become over-emotional by getting angry, judge you or even tell you that you are wrong. I will be with you in your experience no matter what it is.

You will be listened to both verbally and non-verbally. You will have someone with you at a deep level, hearing is what is said as well as not said. You will have your session reflected back to you so you can understand yourself more. Even if you do not know what is wrong just that you are unhappy, active listening is a way to help understand what the underlying issue is.

You will be provided with a partner and companion during your session. Meaning your pain or strong emotions that might come up for you as you explore these difficult emotions, experiences or feeling will be shared with myself. You are not alone and will be supported.

When you come to counselling the focus is on you, there will be no phones, computers or televisions to interrupt you. This could be the first time in years that you will experience this kind of space and time dedicated to you.

Depression and Anxiety

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Stress and Anger

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Eating Disorders and OCD

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